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Suicide Prevention through Internet and Media Based Mental Health Promotion (SUPREME) PDF Print E-mail

The SUPREME project aims to develop, implement and evaluate an Internet- and Media-based, multi-language, culturally adapted, peer facilitated Mental Health promotion and Suicide Prevention intervention. programme. The intervention will comprise of a highly interactive website targeted at adolescents and young adults in the age group 14-24 years, and a set of published guidelines, aimed at Media that targets young audiences, such as newspapers and magazines.

The content of the website will include interactive web-based activities for Mental Health promotion and Suicide Prevention, but also youth oriented information on Mental Health issues as well as culture and region-specific information on healthcare and treatment options. The content of the website will be based on knowledge from Europe’s scientific and professional communities, accessed through literature reviews and focus groups. The website design will be based on youth preferences obtained through focus groups and interviews.

The SUPREME project comprises of many other activities conducted through different work packages, all described on this website. The project will have a duration of three years and started in September 2010. The project is funded (60%) through the Health Programme of the European Commission and additional resources (40%) are provided by the participating centres.